Snack Bars Raw Choco Almond 25g x 1 bar

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A dispenser of 10 packs of Raw Choco Almond Bars. Our 25g bar is precut into 3 delicious bite-sized pieces, all made from 100% natural ingredients, with no added sugar, no dairy, no wheat, no eggs and naturally gluten-free. They are vegan friendly, with no preservatives, artificial colors or flavors

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Hey everyone! Just in, the news is that old school Chocolate lovers are super worried about what will be the fate of their love for chocolate. We heard that the excessive amount of sugar and dairy additives in your chocolate has left you dumbfounded and the not so healthy brands you were loyal to have betrayed your trust. Well, worry not, because Freakin’ healthy has always some healthy snacks in stock for you. Behold our knight in the darkness, Raw Choco Almond Bar is now available.

This raw chocolate is one of our Gluten-free snacks and probably the best snacks to have on the go. We know that the mention of chocolate is worrisome for you. But you know our deal, we think of everyone. This chocolate is made of pure, raw, and unprocessed cocoa so that nature can truly express its colors in the form of chocolate. Our chocolate is made the vegan way and does not contain any Gluten, eggs, wheat, or any other dairy additives for that matter. This way we make sure that all your vegan values are safeguarded. Well, there is more to this, this chocolate is the champion of our added refined sugar-free snacks. This way sugar remains banished from our realms and does not hurt you.

It’s just the beginning

Well, we are not finished yet. These nutritious Raw Choco Almond snack bars offer you 3 grams of protein per 40 grams of serving. This makes sure that your protein needs are fulfilled. Moreover, these snacks to have on the go contain zero grams of cholesterol, so not only your sugar but cholesterol levels are also under control. The cocoa makes sure that your brain and heart functions perfectly and encourages blood circulation. A surprise, cocoa slows down aging. This means you won’t be getting old anytime soon, so start having lots and lots of cocoa. The almonds give this chocolate a funky crazy crunchiness and make sure that you’re filled with nutrition that encourages your muscle, tissue, and bone growth and makes you strong.

Yes, your wait is over and we are done too. So head over to our online store and buy that pack-of-12 chocolate bars to make sure that you are always one step ahead of your cravings.

Freakin’ Vegan:

Firstly, we know how other brands make chocolate: there are eggs and lots of milk involved. Seems like a bloodbath of your health to us. Therefore, our chocolate is made entirely vegan meaning no eggs, wheat, gluten, or any dairy products have been used in the making of this product.

The healthy way is the only way:

Secondly, our healthy packaged snacks make sure that your health concerns are always appropriated. This snack is filled with essential proteins and essentially improves your health. Each serving of 40 grams offers you 3 grams of protein and 0 grams of cholesterol to make sure you stay healthy.

No sugar:

Thirdly, our added refined sugar-free snacks are here to make sure that sugar stays as far from you as possible. We have decided that sugar must stay banished from the realm of Freakin’ healthy and you must help us stay committed. Therefore, we have not made use of any added refined sugar in our raw chocolate; so you can enjoy our snack as much as you want.

Nature in its glory:

Moreover, all our products are completely natural and do not contain any preservatives, food coloring, or artificial flavors. This way we let our ingredients shine bright and keep you healthy.

Order now:

In conclusion, your wait is over! You can order now and that too as many as you want. Now choose from different sizes and flavors, and order away before we are out of all the Freakin’ good stuff.

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