Best Nut Butter Bites – Coconut 80g x 1 box

AED 16.00

A box of 10 packs of 4pcs Coconut Butter Bites. These treats have a hazelnut biscuit base, layered with fresh Coconut butter made with real Coconut flakes in-house, then enrobed with delicious 80% raw chocolate with no added refined sugar. These nut butter bites are made from 100% natural ingredients, with no added sugar, no dairy, no wheat, no eggs and naturally gluten-free. They are vegan friendly, with no preservatives, artificial colours or flavors

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Introducing the new arrival of raw chocolate covered coconut bites that are bound to blow your taste buds away! This new exciting snack combines the richness of real coconut flakes, coconut butter, hazelnut, and raw chocolate to promote the concept of healthy snacking that is not boring at all. We guaranteed to cheer you up during your snack time with our square-shaped, chocolate covered, coconut filled snacks.

Coconut butter bites provide you with all the health benefits of coconut in the tastiest manner possible. It is rich in proteins, good fats, and contains a good amount of vitamin B. Our product helps not only in providing you with the perfect energy boost required not only to rush through your work but also to improve your immune system. It contains cashews, hazelnuts, and almonds along with coconut butter that will improve your cardiovascular health too!

Our promise of healthy eating is the s

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