Our all-new Chocolate Covered
Nut Butters!

Our latest addition to the Freakin’ Healthy snacks – Chocolate covered Nut Butter Bites! All our Nut Butters are made fresh with real nuts in-house, layered on a hazelnut biscuit base, and enrobed with delicious 70% raw chocolate with no added refined sugar. They come in three delicious flavors to choose from: Coconut, Peanut Butter, and Almonds! These nut butter bites are made from 100% natural ingredients, with no added sugar, no dairy, no wheat, no eggs and naturally gluten-free. They are vegan friendly, with no preservatives, artificial colours or flavors

Coconut Butter Bites

Our Coconut Butter Bites made fresh
in-house with real Coconut flakes

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Peanut Butter Bites

Our Peanut Butter Bites made fresh
in-house with real Peanuts

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Hazelnut Butter Bites

Our Hazelnut Butter Bites made fresh
in-house with real Hazelnuts

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