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By October 25, 2020 Default
Roy Koyess

Dhiren Bhatia founder of Cloudspace an endeavor enabling Retailers and Restauranteurs to unchain themselves from their business and leverage technology to its fullest extent invited our CEO Roy Koyess as he wanted to learn more about the Freakin’ Healthy brand and have Roy tell about his journey!

In this episode, Roy tells, how his corporate job at  Johnson & Johnson’s health division helped him realize the importance of clean eating, and how sticking to a strategy that focused on building a healthy community around the brand helped him stay in business even during the pandemic.

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Episode Highlights:

07:48 – How Roy’s journey to entrepreneurship began

09:34 – How Roy’s last job helped him gain sales experience

13:21 – Why Freakin’ Healthy was started and the passion behind it

18:18 – Roy’s experience with running Freakin’ Healthy during the first year

20:16 – How Freakin’ Healthy’s initial team was formed

21:00 – The initial barriers that Freakin’ Healthy had to overcome as a new business

21:39 – Why the name “Freakin’ Healthy”

24:09 – Lessons learned from starting Freakin’ Healthy

24:55 – How Roy and his team came up with their recipes

29:41 – Roy’s first victory

37:40 – Freakin’ Healthy’s growth process and the stages it went through

43:34 – How the ongoing pandemic has affected Roy’s business and how they have managed to stay afloat

48:30 – How technology and social media has played a key role in Freakin’ Healthy

52:17 – What being an elevated entrepreneur means to Roy

54:02 – Roy’s advice to entrepreneurs

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