Meet Michelle! a multifaceted talent

Whether she’s surfing the waves on the coast of Dubai, Los Angeles or South Africa, or dancing contact improvisation, you’ll quickly come to realize the depth and quality of thought she possesses.To categorize Michelle as a chef only, would be grossly inaccurate, as she brings a richness of creativity and passion cultivated by her life adventures and experiences.

One Interesting fact about you:

I worked as a chef on a farm/boutique hotel and cattle ranch in Argentina for a year.

Favorite dish:

I think this is contextual – Poke bowls are a current favorite!

Favorite music playlist:

Sufjan Steven always, however, I like more ambient/atmospheric sounds like “Múm” or ‘Sigur Ros’ to work to.

When I’m not in the kitchen…

I’m dancing Contact Improvisation!

Inspirational quote:

“Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls” – Joseph Campbell

Book you read more than once:

“The power of myth” by Joseph Campbell

Strange or weird habits:

I haven’t been on a holiday/trip with another person for over 6 years.

Your morning routine:

Firstly, I wake up and my phone stays off for the first 30 minutes or so! Then I make a delicious matcha drink with collagen powder, tocos and coconut oil and the best part, is when I stretch and wake my body up with gentle movements

Stress relievers:

I imagine my thoughts and feelings as a “river” flowing in front of me, they don’t define me not affect me. I am only the vessel that holds them and that is how I deal with stressful times