Our Meal Plans

With 3 meal plan categories to choose from, you'll be on your way to a clean and nutrient-dense diet. Whether you're looking to manage your weight with our "Weight Management" plan, or just looking for wholesome plant-based food to help you thrive, with our "Balanceld Lifestyle" plans or you want to explore the delicious world of plant-based food with our "Detox-Refuel" plan, we've got you covered. Select your plan and get ready to be blown away!


Weight Management

Meal Plan

Our weight management program is designed and certified by our nutritionist to help you reach your optimal weight goal. Live and feel the transformation through our clean eating. Consult our nutritionist via zoom, at a fee of AED150 with a free follow up after 2 weeks, to discuss your goals, set a target, and personalize your journey. Alternatively, fill out our free Root’D survey and receive your automated ideal calorie bracket.

Balanced Lifestyle

Meal Plan

Your go-to, for a clean plant-based healthy eating lifestyle. This plan is designed for those who want to fuel their body with clean and balanced plant-based nutrition that will positively impact them physically and mentally. These meals are designed and balanced by our nutritionists to fit seamlessly into your lifestyle without compromising on any cravings.

Detox - Refuel

Meal Plan

Our Detox-Refuel program is designed to give your body a reset and help you feel like your best self. With our two-week plan, it’s the perfect way to get introduced to a plant-based diet. You will feel the transformation of improved digestion, reduced bloating, increase in energy levels, improvement in skin clarity, and overall well-being.