Root'D Philosophy

Our belief is that a whole-food and plant-based diet can truly transform one's health and well-being. It's a lifestyle plan! all our meals and snacks are centered around whole, unrefined plant based ingredients, that exclude animal products (meats, dairy products, eggs) and highly refined sugars and artificial preservatives. Our meals are not just plates of vegetables (not that there's anything wrong with that) Our meals are centered around deliciously curated whole-food dishes that will have you redefine plant-based food. Because our meals are packed with nutrients, your body will be satisfied with what you feed it and not ask for more junk, subsequently asking for fewer calories.


Root'D is based on a wholesome, plant-based diet, full of nutrient-dense ingredients and superfoods. We believe that the most potent source of nutrition comes from the earth
and its roots. Specifically, plants, with their unique nutrients, flavors, shapes, colors, and fragrances which will invigorate the body to its optimal health.

Our daily meal plans will nourish your body with:

Mighty Greens

Your daily requirements for micronutrients content (protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats), and the real nutrition are the phytonutrients particularly flavonoids found in plants, that may help fight many diseases.

Functional Food

More greens and fiber that will help balance your gut's microflora and support digestion. The microbiome, with its trillions of good and bad bacteria, supports many functions related to mood, energy, sleep and calorie absorption. Our meal plans' diversity provide the necessary nutrients that will support healthier digestion.

Clean Ingredients

Food that you'll love and that fits your lifestyle! It’s no secret that clean, whole food and predominantly plant-based nutrition will help you thrive for optimal performance.