About Us

delicious meals
that will have
you redefine
plant based food"

Welcome to Root'D by Freakin' Healthy, we've taken plant-based, vegan cuisine and created home cooked type meals with a creative and innovative twist.

We deliver on that authentic taste experience without compromising on ingredients and quality.

What's Behind
the name

Well, being Root'D is strength. Roots are the conveyors of nourishment to plants which allows them to grow stronger, faster. We also believe that going back to our Roots of minimally processed food will faster one's health.

All our meals are all nutritionally balanced to give you the fuel to experience a lifestyle full of energy, well-being, and optimum overall health.

Chef Made, Nutritionist Approved

Our goal is your well-being. All recipes are thoughtfully created to provide wholesome meals that make you feelgreat.

Our talented chef is a master at work. Creating plant based dishes that are delicious and fulfilling without any compromise on quality.

Whether it's physical or mental improvement you're looking for, eating cleaner and minimally processed whole foods will yield better results.