About Us

“Wholesome meal plans for your well-being”

Welcome to Root’D by Freakin’ Healthy®, our Whole Food, Gluten-Free, Vegan, and Plant-Based Meal Plan program.

Our journey began a few years ago with the Freakin’ Healthy® snacking portfolio. With our clean label and uncompromising delicious recipes, the range was greeted with wide acclaim. Leveraging this success and due to numerous consumer requests, we’ve launched Root’D, our new wholesome meal plan concept.


Why the name Root’D?


Well, being Root’D is strength. Roots are the conveyors of nourishment to plants which allows them to grow stronger, faster. We also believe that going back to our Roots of minimally processed food will foster one’s health.

All our meals are all nutritionally balanced to give you the fuel to experience a lifestyle full of energy, well-being, and optimum overall health.

Nutritionally Balanced

Our focus at Root'D is your well-being. The meal plans we provide you are wholesome recipes made fresh daily and created to make you feel great.

Chef Made

All our delicious and nutritious recipes are made by talented and creative chefs well versed in Plant-Based Cuisine. Every meal is well thought out for optimal taste without compromise.

Meals you can Trust

When you change what you eat from processed to whole foods, you’ll see the results of faster post-meal calorie burn. In addition, all our meals have been reviewed by a certified nutritionist.