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What is SAD?

Standard American Diet


When we say SAD, in this case, we are not talking about the emotion, but rather, the widely known acronym for the Standard American Diet. The Diet of an average American has been the consumption of highly refined, high in sugar, high fat, and highly processed food. It includes very few plant-based foods.

Components of SAD

The SAD diet is a combination of high carbohydrates, processed sugar, and saturated fats diet that has to lead to an array of chronic diseases. The HHS and USDA publish the Dietary Guidelines of America every 5 years and have stated that Americans are eating excess solid sugar, processed carbs, fat, and salt. Food that may taste good but isn’t nutrient-dense at all.

Why SAD is sadder than we thought?

American-Diet-InfographicThe SAD is the type of diet that nutritionists and other medical professionals have been battling with for almost half a century, but the catastrophic impact on the population’s health is only now starting to really take shape. It’s widely known that consumers who are on SAD are less likely to exercise and supplement their diet with nutrient-dense foods., therefore exasperating the issue. In a nutshell, SAD is far from clean eating. That means SAD may lack a lot of fiber, vitamins, and other nutrients that are necessary for the human body. Sign up with us to know more about clean Ingredients meals.

SAD and Diseases

It has been proven by medical research that SAD is the main reason behind obesity, heart diseases, and diabetes in Americans. Unfortunately, the diet is not limited to the US shores,  with more nations adopting the SAD diet around the world, so are the increases in chronic diseases amongst those populations. All these chronic diseases deviate from the healthy lifestyle of an individual. It’s encouraged to make healthy choices when it comes to your grocery shopping cart and the places you eat out. Making a healthy meal choice today will pay dividends in the future.

Is exercise enough to beat the SAD?

Overeating Unhealthy Food

Most definitely not, it is highly beneficial to exercise daily, however, this doesn’t give you the Greenlight to eat an unhealthy diet. A combination of clean eating and daily exercise, (which could be in the form of a 30-minute walk), will do wonders for your health and longevity. Predominantly whole foods and a plant-based diet would be a great way to start.

Why should you quit the SAD?

A Healthy Lifestyle is a bliss

You owe it to yourself and your loved ones. Making healthy choices for yourself is necessary to give yourself the best chance at living disease-free and being there for yourself and the people you care about. If you really think about it, the fuel that powers our bodies and minds is food, the saying you re what you eat resonates because it’s true. Eat healthily and you’ll feel it, eat poorly and you’ll feel that too. We also get it. Deciding on what diet to follow or foods to eat can get really complicated, . Root’D is here to help make that journey a little easier with their balanced lifestyle meal plan.


No to Junk and unhealthy foodsMaking healthy food with Dubai meal plans or trying to change bad eating habits is easier said than done. We all know how difficult it is to resist something you love. It takes a lot of will power and motivation to avoid the unhealthy food we love. What makes the transition to a healthier diet easier is when you eat really delicious food that is also healthier for you.  So make your life health goals today for everyone around you and be an inspiration.

Mental Health and diet

We have a large amount of evidence that suggests that cognitive function is directly related to a person’s diet and the gut microbiome. To switch your mind back on, avoid the SAD and cut out refined sugars, and simple carbs, processed foods, and beverages. Sadly, not only is the SAD affecting your physical wellbeing but also your mental focus. A shift to a predominantly plant-based, whole foods diet will switch your brain back on and provident with clean energy to burn.

Gain Strength

We all know that highly refined sugar is not doing any good for your body or mind. To win back your true self,  one needs to have a nutritionally balanced meal, which I am sure it is clear by now that SAD cannot provide. To gain mental and physical strength the right way, start with setting some life health goals.

Make your workout worthwhile

If you’re putting hours at the gym to define your health and body but still eat the SAD, it will catch up with you sooner or later. The proper Whole Foods, plant-based clean diet will up your gym performance and will increase your recovery time, so that you can hit the gym again.

Predominant Plant-Based Diet

What is a plant-based diet?

As the name indicates, the predominantly plant-based diet refers to the food primarily derived from plants. It includes vegetables, fruits, nuts, whole grains, seeds, and legumes.  Root’D a plant-based meal plan service is on a mission to switch people from a Standard American Diet to a plant-based diet, with Root’D’s customized meal plans drawn up by an extremely talented plant-based chef and nutritionist.

Why should we switch from a SAD?

As we discussed above, SAD does not contain all the nutrients that the human body requires to grow and perform, additionally, the highly processed junk food will lead to future chronic diseases. Keeping this thing in mind Root’D is convinced that switching to a plant-based diet is definitely healthier due to the whole foods approach and a more balanced nutrient profile. So head over to Root’Ds and get our chef made a meal plan today.

Benefits of a Predominantly plant-based diet

Plant-Based Diet

We all know by now that plant-based diets contain a lot of nutrients like fiber, vitamins, and protein. All these can help the body not only function properly but also prevent different diseases. Fiber present in the plant-based diet prevents constipation, lowers cholesterol, and helps control blood sugar levels. A plant-based diet is a booster for the brain and improves the health of the gut. Stomach function improves and having a wide-ranging plate of Fruits and Veggies is an immunity booster for the human body. Greens and Great for your health.

Should You continue your workout?

Clients ask us that since they are making such a major change in their life, do they still need to or can they still work out? Well, the answer is yes. Diet alone is not a recipe for health and longevity, it’s definitely a large part of the equation, but supplementing a good diet with exercise and stress relief is the route for a well-balanced life.

Stay Hydrated

Root’D is keen on consumer’s overall health, they emphasize that staying hydrated is vital for performance. If you’re not drinking enough water during the day, why not try eating your water. Yes, by eating fruits and vegetables, most frights and veggies consist of more than 70% water. Their recommendation is to drink enough water and have a large serving of vegetables with lunch and dinner. In order to live a healthier lifestyle, we can not emphasize enough how much of a factor hydration is. So Sign up today to Root’D and get your best plant-based meals to have your own result-oriented meal plan.

Myths about Plant-Based Diet

Inadequate Protein

Perhaps one of the most heavily disputed points about a plant-based diet is the argument that this diet is protein deficient. This belief is supremely outdated and has been proven wrong by numerous scientific studies. However, to ensure you get all the essential amino acids in your plant-based diet, it is vital to have a wide-ranging plant-based diet that includes, beans, grains, quinoa, nuts, seeds, and soy. Root’D takes this into account when planning each recipe and have the imminent launch of the high protein diet plan for clients that want that extra bit of protein from a plant-based diet.

All Plant-Based & Vegan diets are healthy

This misconception that a vegan diet automatically means it’s healthy, is a dangerous assumption. Eating fried, nutrient deficient, processed foods, even if they are 100% vegan, is terrible for your health and will likely lead to some sort of health issue in the future. It’s important to stick to a well rounded and diverse, whole foods plant-based diet.

At Root’D, you can be sure of getting the right advice by consulting our nutritionists prior to making your package selections. Our customized meal plan is well rounded and uses high-quality whole-food ingredients.

Plant-based diets do satisfy my hunger

This is a misconception; the fact is that a plant-based diet is more satiating than the SAD. Very simply put, the quality and type of proteins derived from plants coupled with the fiber from plants results in a feeling of satiety. You’ll be able to access these types of dishes when you sign up for Root’D’s nutritionally balanced meal.

A Plant-Based Diet is time-consuming

Well, it is the myth that the plant-based diet is time-consuming because individuals need to prepare well in advance and must be extremely creative in ingredient selection. The truth is that a truly healthy meal, no matter the type of diet needs to be thought out, however, the amount of preparation time is actually very minimal. If you’re one that doesn’t have the time for cooking due to your busy lifestyle,  Root’D’s got you covered with our ready to eat meal plans which won’t require you spending time in the kitchen. The easy sign-up process will have you enjoying delicious healthy meals in no time.

Takes time to adapt

Switching to a whole-food, minimally processed, low sugar diet, and changing your eating habits can be a daunting task. If you’re apprehensive about making that change, we recommend taking small steps, like introducing more fruits and veggies into every meal, ensuring that the portion of veggies increases in size in comparison to the SAD alternatives. Then, gradually switching one full meal (Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner) into a plant-based dish. At Root’D we provide consumers with options to choose between 2 meals a day (Breakfast + Lunch or Lunch + Dinner or even Breakfast + Dinner). Alternatively, you can opt for a full day meal plan which includes 3 meals and 2 snacks per day. Get on your health journey today.

Let’s look at some plant-based principles:

Whole Foods (plant-based)

It’s important to strive towards eating whole foods, irrespective of what diet plan you ultimately decide to follow. This means foods that are not refined at all, or at worse, minimally refined.

Here’s what to look for: Veggies, Fruits, Tubers, Whole Grains, and Legumes.

Start with the foods you love

If you’re unsure how to start your plant-based, whole foods journey. You can start with a recipe that includes your favorite veggies, Tubers, Whole grains, or legumes. Then, introduce more plant-based ingredients to your lunch and dinner plates. Gradually increasing the ratio of plant-based versus meats and animal-based foods on your plate.

Is it a FAD diet?

We’re generally not in favor of fad diets, as they tend to want to achieve immediate results in a very short time frame. Granted, in order for you to stick to a diet you need to see results, but this must also be a result of the long term. If you are not enjoying the food and principles of your diet, you’ll find it very difficult to sustain. Here is where the balance of delicious and healthy recipe makes all the difference.

Other FAD diets

Many other fad diets come and go in the market. Some of them are a high fat-low carbs diet, maple syrup diet, clay diet, and air diet. These diets claim to help you a lot in weight loss however they are not healthy and some of them even are dangerous. Root’D recommends that any weight loss (to lose weight) should be done with a proper plan seeking a nutritionist consult and setting expectations, as results might take time to manifest. Think long term.

Make the change for the better – adopt more plant-based foods

It’s never too late to make healthy choices, but the sooner you start the better you’ll be off in the future. Remember that a healthy whole foods plant-based diet are not enough for optimal health, you must also find time to exercise and relieve stress through some type of mindfulness or meditation exercise. Stay healthy and join our mission to redefine the power of plant-based foods with Root’D.  The journey towards a healthy lifestyle starts with your plant-based meal plan delivery program.

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