Healthy Gut Microbiome: A Blessing

Why is the gut microbiome important?


The Gut Microbiome (also referred to as the second brain) is made up of trillions of bacteria, fungi, viruses, and microorganisms in the Gastrointestinal Tract (GIT).  The microbiome is responsible for several bodily functions including cleansing your body. The microbiome regulates the metabolic rate of the body that is integral for weight management. A high metabolic rate means that you burn more calories and you don’t gain weight as quickly, thus gut microbiome may help you manage your weight and stay healthy and fit. Here are a few other functions the microbiome is responsible for:


The fundamental role of the gut microbiome is to regulate your digestive system and avoid any issues that can be caused in the digestive tract. Having a well-regulated digestion system is immensely significant, as gut health directly impacts other organs and cognitive function. A prime example is the production of serotonin in the gut will directly impact your mood.

Guards us against infections:

Science is now drawing links to our gut health and certain diseases. Well, a balanced microbiome is believed to lead to a healthier gut and therefore lower the risk of chronic diseases. In addition, it is believed that a healthy gut will strengthen the immune system, which in turn, will help us with various seasonal viruses.

Weight Management:


Weight managementHaving a balanced gut microbiome may help you in maintaining weight. Research is looking at the correlation between the various diets and their impact on obesity due to the respective gut bacteria-derived from food.  Therefore, a feasible hypothesis being studies is how a high intake of a high fiber diet (fruits, veg, and legumes) can increase microbial diversity and association with reduced weight gain. your gut microbiome.

Healthy Microbiome cheers you up!

A healthy and well-balanced gut microbiome can prove to be integral for your brain health. Clarity of thought and focus, in addition to what your overall mood is, will tell us if our gut health is balanced. A lot of scientific studies have shown a connection between the brain and having a healthy gut can reduce depression and uplift your mood.

Improve gut microbiome- Healthy Diet series:

High intake of fiber:

By now, most of us realize the importance of our gut microbiome, and to improve our gut health, we’ll need to increase the fiber intake in our diet. Fibre-rich plant-based diet is effective in improving your gut microbiome. So incorporate plant-based food like bananas, asparagus, and whole grains in your diet. Root’D offers a customized meal plan for you so sign up to improve your health.

Make leafy greens your best friends:

Leafy green vegetables are packed with tons of nutrients and can assist you in improving your gut health. They enable your body to strengthen your digestive system and to rapidly digest high-fat food. Eating leafy greens not only aids in digestion but also regulates your metabolism and hormones. So, sign up for Root’D right now and get calorie-counted meal plans that will be plant-based and result-oriented.

Fermented foods, my new friends:

Incorporating fermented food like Kimchi or sauerkraut may help balance the gut and counter the effects of proinflammatory effects. The belief is that it will counter the effects of gut dysbiosis.

Fruits and veggies are a way to go!

fruits and veggiesYour gut loves a diverse selection of fruits and vegetables, so try to add as many fruits and vegetables to your diet as you can. Broccoli, Sweet Potatoes, Spinach, etc. are great fruits for improving the gut microbiome. They have anti-inflammatory properties that make them an appropriate choice for improving the gut microbiome and bolstering your gut health.

Low-calorie diet

Incorporating low carbs in your diet is essential. To improve your gut health, it is crucial to give your gut some rest and add a sufficient amount of time or gap between meals so that your gut microbiome can be improved. A simple solution to this Problem is Root’D; it offers you various wholesome and calorie-counted meal plans. It provides you with different calorie bundles like 1200,1400, 1600, and 2000 calorie-counted meal plans.

Improving Gut Microbiome- Healthy Habit Series

Happy gut, Happy Mind, In Good Health:

There have been numerous studies coming out referencing the importance of a healthy gut and its relation to a healthy mind. With millions of neurons running between your gut and your brain, it only makes sense that altering your diet will impact both your gut and brain.

Dear H2O:

healthy waterWater is such a simple word, but it is associated with a plethora of health benefits. As our body is made up of primary water (60%), it can be used to treat several internal discomforts. It is the best natural detoxifier. It encourages the growth of probiotics or good bacteria in the gut that leads to enhanced gut health. Grab your water bottle and let the water work wonders for your body.


After sleeping late at night, do you feel ill-rested and exhausted the next day? Imagine if this is the outcome of one night’s late sleep, what could a repeated pattern of lack of sleep due to your body? Sleep and your gut health are also deeply affiliated. During sleep, your gut works on restoring itself; therefore, getting proper sleep every night is vital for your gut health. Conversely, an unhealthy gut may lead to insomnia, chronic fatigue, and mental fog.


Stressing this point will never be enough, as exercising is the most crucial and basic habit that can bless us with numerous health benefits. If you want to enhance your gut health, you’ll need to introduce a regular exercise routine and a predominantly plant-based diet will improve your gut function. As far as a plant-based diet is concerned; Root’D is one of the best providers of customized wholesome plant-based diet meals to help you improve your health.

Detox your Gut:

Detoxification can work wonders for your body as it is linked with improved health; and it can flush out all the toxin from your body, that includes bad bacteria which damages your gut. An excellent way to detoxify your body is through diet and Root’D has its Detox-Refuel program that can help you cleanse your gut from antibiotics and growth hormones typically found in animal products and bi-products. Eat clean and enjoy a delicious Detox diet.

Unhealthy Snacking can be your Gut’s nightmare:

Emotional unhealthy Snacking: A Big No

Many people punish their gut in times of difficulty by eating unhealthy snacks that can damage your gut to a great extent and ruin your overall health. This is one reason why stress is bad for your health. In order to function, your stomach needs rest, and unnecessary snacking can make your gut suffocated and may hinder its work. Thus, contact Root’D and get healthy snacks that can fill your appetite and eliminate the hunger and need for unhealthy snacking. Stay happy, live healthily!

Portioned diet:

ROOT'D food PortionAs we have already discussed the importance of a plant-based diet, it is essential to divide your plates into portions because consuming all the dietary nutrients in moderation. Divide your plates into sufficient parts of plant-based nutrients like whole grains, proteins, etc., and this will not only satisfy your hunger but also, prevent the need for snacking.

Sip, don’t snack:

Instead of consuming sugary juices and fluids, it is better to switch to water or green tea as they have detoxifying properties and they can keep you full, and help you in fulfilling your urge to snack. Consider adding a hint of lemon or mint with cumber to your water to up the flavor.

No added sweeteners:

Snacks usually contain a high content of artificial sweeteners or sugar alcohols which can severely damage your gut health. Thus, you need to look for healthy snack alternatives that can satisfy your hunger and improve your gut micro, biome, simultaneously. Root’D can serve you with clean ingredient meals that can satisfy your snacking needs.

Alternative healthy snacks:

As we’ve already detailed the harmful effects of sugar on your gut microbiome, here are some snacks that are high in prebiotics that will aid in gut health. Lentils, chickpeas, oats, bananas, asparagus, leeks, and nuts. Look for these prebiotic-rich foods in the Root’D meal plans. You can also check our Freakin’ Healthy snacks for a rich alternative.


Red and Dark Meat:

Red meat stimulates gut bacteria that can cause various hazardous health problems. It is challenging to digest and may slow down your metabolic rate. It can contribute to multiple health issues related to your heart and blood pressure. Thus, if you want to heal your gut, you need to shift to a plant-based diet. Root’D is one of the best healthy Meal diet programs available. Root’D offers various healthy and plant-based meals for you to maintain a balanced lifestyle.

Boycott Un-healthy Fried Food:

Fried food can also be seen as Kryptonite for our gut. It’s probably one of the worst ways to cook your food as it oxidizes fats and denatures proteins. Having a disturbed gut causes a high level of inefficiency in other body functions and restricts a healthy flow of functions; thence; avoid fried food at all costs as it can be highly toxic for your gut.

Throw away the antibiotic:

Whenever we get sick, we have prescribed some antibiotics to heal the problem; however, it comes with tremendous downsides that can harm your gut. Antibiotics are harmful because they will kill both bad and good bacteria. Due to their inability to identify the difference between the two. This impact can be so severe that you will shift the gut’s microbiome for the worse. This will leave you with issues like IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), acid reflux, and other unmentionables.


Whenever it comes to drinking, and if you must, then moderation is the key, because heavy drinking can severely disrupt your gut and stimulate the growth of harmful bacteria that can erode your gut. In addition, alcohol can cause inflammation, deplete nutrients and vitamins as well as disrupt sleep. So, focus on your gut microbiome and reduce drinking.

S&S (Stress & Smoking):


There are many connections between the gut microbiome and the vagus nerve (a two-way network connecting the brain and major organs). Through stress, these pathways can have significant adverse effects on the gut microbiome composition.


It is believed that smoking changes the composition of the gut microbiome and may lead to inflammation. Smoking in the gut and bowel disease in addition to obesity. That’s a great reason to quit if your smoking.

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