Does Soy Have a Bad Side?


Soy – A Superhero or a Villain?

We all know that there are no black and white arguments when it comes to the debate of the nutritional benefits of soy. This humble bean from the legume family has always been a topic of conflict for its nutritional values. Some exalt this unique bean as an excellent source of plant-based protein. It is also known for containing a plethora of vitamins and minerals that help ward off crucial diseases. It also contains plant-based fiber that helps improve our gut. On the other hand, it is shunned, for adverse effects on our bodies. It is associated with promoting “feminizing effects” in males and thyroid-related issues. So, what is to believe and what not? Most arguments have been backed up, by scientific data and research. Whilst others do not seem to have a very clear conclusion.


Innumerable Nutritional Benefits

No one can deny the immense health benefits soy has on the human system. It is one of the most excellent sources of plant-based proteins, and It contains a slew of vitamins and minerals that helps in warding off even chronic diseases like certain cancers. It is fiber-rich, hence helps a great deal in improving your gut health. We cannot defy that these humble beans are a powerhouse of nutrition.


Processed soy V/s Unprocessed soy

Anything that is processed tends to take away the nutritional value of any food. So, soy when used in its processed form is washed away from most of its benefits. On the other hand, when you use soy in its unprocessed form, it will more likely give you more nutrition and will not have adverse effects or negative impacts on your health and body.


The best form of soy for consumption

Consuming unprocessed soy products like; whole or fermented soy, soy milk, and flour have the maximum benefits. These foods contain the nutrition packed in soy in their zenith, as it is free from any type of preservatives or refined sugar. Whereas; using soy products like protein supplements, imitation meat, processed soy bars, and yogurts contain protein isolates rather than the whole nutritional value. So, stock up your pantry with soy products like edamame, soybeans, tofu, tempeh, misso, natto. You can also use soy milk, yogurt, bars, and soy flour, from brands that are sugar-free and rid of preservatives. Using food in its natural, unprocessed form will reap more nutritional benefits. In comparison to food where the nutritional value is broken down and diminished by processing it.


Consuming more than the required quantity

Excess of anything is bad, and the same goes for the consumption of soy. Eating more than the recommended quantity of soy per day might prove to be more harmful than beneficial. The key here is to monitor the amount of soy intake. So, follow the nutritional guidelines and keep a close eye on your soy intake. This unique bean is brimming with goodness. To reap its benefits by including this plant-based powerhouse of wholesome goodness in your diet with the help of meal plans dubai.


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