10 Best Vegan Dinner Meal Plans


  • Plant-based food has been part of many different cultures since times immemorial. People in India and Nepal relish plant-based foods. Many societies and religions follow a plant-based diet throughout the world. Their food is made with common and easily available ingredients. These dishes will wow your taste buds as well as provide you with a balanced nutrient fulfilling your body’s nutritional requirements.


  • Vegan food is exotic, and you can try different dishes with every seasonal change. Imagine the variety of fresh produce that will be available with each new season. You can spice up your palate with a variety of pickles, salsas, chutneys, and dips. Enjoy sauteed asparagus with lemon and artichoke dips while watching the early birds looking out for worms during the spring. A refreshing salad during the scorching summer afternoon, made with tomatoes, avocado, cucumbers, corns, and fresh leafy greens. Grace the early days of fall with a bowl of hearty stew made with a variety of squash like zucchini, yellow squash, pumpkin, and potatoes. Winters are the best time to relish on those tender kale and collard greens. Make a fresh and tender green veggies pie and devour it piping hot during the cold winter days.


  • Contrary to what people think, vegan foods are so flavorful and colorful. The availability of fresh plant-based produce is endless. The flavors are so exotic. You always have a variety available and it is never boring. The flavorful options of food are endless, and you can experiment with so many spices and herbs. At Root’D, we have rightfully contradicted this notion that states, “Vegan food are bland.” 


  • Presenting to you a list of 10 exotic, mouthwatering vegan dishes from meal plans dubai that will treat your taste buds to a culinary delight.


Gluten-free Mac & Cheese with Roasted Kale –

Mac and cheese is hands down one of the most comforting dishes. It is food for your soul. Here’s our vegan take on the infamous mac and cheese, that you will love to devour. We have used gluten-free elbow pasta with a blend of delicious veggies. The cheesy flavor comes from nutritional yeast. It is seasoned with a hint of paprika that adds in a flavorful kick. 

Chickpea Quinoa Biryani –

Did someone say BIRYANI? Relish eat a bite with twice as much gusto because each bite will take you on a culinary euphoria. Made with quinoa, and chickpeas and flavored with biryani masala. Enjoy it with a side of freshly prepared tomato and coriander salad.

Creamy Jackfruit and Avocado wrap –

Pulled jackfruit in peas and avocado smash, flavored with mustard and soy. This creamy mix is wrapped in a wheat tortilla. Every bite is full of taste and exotic flavors of jackfruit.

Coconut Satay Salad –

A refreshing and filling salad that has so many textures and flavors in every bite. Edamame and tofu dressed in zesty lime, crunchy peanuts, and fleshy coconuts. A blend of chopped fresh vegetables like sugar snap peas, snow pea, red cabbage, and carrot sprinkled with spring onions. A colorful plate spread on lettuce and mixed with quinoa, a perfect dinner after a tiring day at work.

Spicy Korean Cauliflower wings –

A flavorful plate that offers a blend of vegetables like cauliflower, cabbage, carrots, and lettuce. Seasoned with garlic and chili flakes and dressed spicy Korean Coleslaw dressing. Glazed with maple syrup and sprinkled with bean sprouts, sesame seeds, and spring onions. A delightful dish, that will treat your taste buds with an explosion of taste.

Mushroom stroganoff with potato puree and salad –

A homely and comforting dish, that is how we can sum up our simple mushroom stroganoff. Made with mushroom, homemade vegetable stock, and white onions. Flavored with garlic, paprika, and chili flakes. A cheesy taste from nutritional yeast and a fragrant aroma from thyme makes our mushroom stroganoff a comforting and hearty dish.

Soba Noodles Pad Thai –

Sauteed tofu and carrots tossed with soba noodles flavored with coconut sugar and tamari sauce. Sprinkled with bean sprouts and freshly chopped coriander, our soba noodles pad thai is an exotic spread that you cannot resist.

Mexican Lettuce Burger –

A delicious burger patty made with red kidney beans, chickpea, sweet corn, and tempeh laid on top of fresh Mexican lettuce. The patty is seasoned with cumin, and fresh parsley and the burger buns are made with healthy buckwheat flour. This hearty and filling burger comes with a side of Cherry tomato salsa and avocado smash.

Chickpea Socca with Creamy Mushrooms –

Creamy and melt-in-mouth chickpea and mushroom socca is such a flavorful delight. It is made in soy milk and seasoned with tamari sauce. Thyme, rosemary, and parsley add a refreshing herbaceous smell to this already appetizing dish.

Sweet & Sour vegetables with cauliflower rice –

The whole world vegans and non-vegans alike rave about cauli-rice. We have substituted rice with cauliflower chopped in the food processor. A blend of broccoli, capsicum, green beans, mushroom, garlic, white onion, tomato, and celery simmered in a homemade vegetable. Seasoned with coconut sugar, rice vinegar, and lemon, our sweet and sour vegetable stew is brimming with a blend of different flavors.


After this scrumptious spread of tantalizing dishes, do you still think that vegan food is bland? We have successfully busted this notion. A vegan has enough variety of ingredients to play with for each meal. The real taste of food comes from the blend of spices, aromatic herbs, and fresh vegetables. The addition of sauces further enhances the taste and adds a kick of flavor to the overall dish. 


So, subscribe to healthy meal plan deliveries in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah. We have so many varieties and options to select from. Avail healthy vegan meal plans that are so tasty you might not be able to stop licking your fingers. At Root’D, we want to show the world that plant-based meals can be so mouth-watering, and delicious that you will be hooked to its flavors. You will get to the real taste of ingredients, and your palate will experience real flavors.

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