This delicious chocolate bar is 70% cacao, and is vegan with no added sugar, dairy, wheat, eggs, or gluten. This bar is raw chocolate with goji berries. The delightful sweet aftertaste of the Goji Berries, mixed with 70% dark chocolate, create the perfect match for a unique taste.

The cacao bean is chocolate in its natural state; pure, raw and unprocessed. it is a powerful superfood that powers up your brain, slows down aging, improves muscle function and blood flow, and gives you energy. Goji berry is a superfood ingredient that enhance the immune system, improve circulation and eyesight, and protect the liver. Contains eight amino acids essential, a wide range of phytonutrients, vitamins, Low in calories, fat-free, high-antioxidant food, and, trace of minerals it fights disease.


Nutritional Value

Calories: 230
Protein:  3g
Weight:  40g


Raw Chocolate 70% (Cacao Mass, Cacao Powder, Cacao Butter), Agave, Goji Berries