Trail Mix – CHILI LIME NUTS 60g

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If you are looking for something spicy and crunchy then Chili and Lime Nuts are the perfect snacks you need! Out of the countless reasons you need to eat nuts, this tasty snack from the Freakin’ Healthy is just another exciting, and delicious way to spend your snack time. Our trail mix is a hot combination of roasted almonds, chili, and lime coated cashews. Along with roasted peanuts that give you all the health benefits of nuts with a tangy flavor. Chili and Lime Nuts are absolutely preservative-free, gluten-free, and protein-packed that are bound to provide you with a surge of energy!

This delicious and versatile trail mix comes with great health benefits too! The nuts used to make our products are 100% natural and are significantly high in protein, fiber, antioxidants, and good fats to provide you wholesome goodness. These nutrients will help you develop muscles along with an improved bowel and cardio-vascular movement. It will also help in improving your digestive system and boost your immune system because of the additional benefits of chili and lime!

We ensure that whenever you buy our product, nothing but the finest of our trail mix reaches you. Chili and Lime nuts are made from the best quality ingredients. There is no bad time to eat these spicy and crunchy nuts, you can have it during a lunch break at your school, a hectic time at the office, or after your workout at the gym when you desperately need a protein-packed snack! Just like all Freakin Healthy snacks, it comes with the same promise of being completely Vegan. We believe in being environmentally friendly.

Spicy and Delicious:

Our unique tangy flavor is bound to dumbstruck your palate from the crunchiness of roasted almonds and peanuts combined with cashews covered with chili and lime. So what are you waiting for? Go and grab this snack as soon as possible from the Freakin’ Healthy shop online!

Quick and fulfilling Healthy Snack – Trail Mix:

While manufacturing snacks, Freakin’ Healthy gives special attention to your busy lifestyle. It is a healthy snack for kids and adults who are looking for something quick to eat on the go. Chili and Lime Nuts come in convenient packaging and ample serving size. Whether it is your office, school, or gym! We satisfy your hunger as you pick our healthy snack on the way.

Lots of Nutritional Benefits:

This snack comes with a unique taste and ample health benefits. Lime and Chili covered cashew nuts provide you with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that will improve your digestive system thus making you beautiful inside out. The protein-packed nuts are a great source of protein and good fats that provide you with instant energy along. It also ensures good muscle growth at the same time.

Satisfies the urge for spicy snacks:

If you think that only sweet snacks can make your snack time better then chili and lime nuts will definitely change your mind! As you start munching on this flavorsome snack, there is no stopping yourself from getting more of these nuts. Don’t worry, you can have as many of Chili and Lime Nuts completely guilt-free due to its health benefits.

Clean and Quality Ingredients:

Freakin’ Healthy claims of providing you with nothing but the best when it comes to snacks. We value our promise of giving your health our first priority while manufacturing snacks. Lime and Chili covered Nuts are naturally gluten-free with no added preservatives. Because who needs it when you have the most refined ingredients prepared with the most delicious recipes!


  • Naturally gluten-free, Vegan, Preservatives Free