Superfood Bars Tart Cherry & Cashew 40g x 1 bar

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What is Thanksgiving, if not with traditions to be carried out? With Thanksgiving around the corner, we heard some of you were reluctant to have the traditional Thanksgiving tarts because of course, no compromise on health. Well, this is where Freakin’ Healthy comes in with their Gluten-free snacks that are undoubtedly the ­­Healthiest snack bars in the market. Presenting our Superfood Bars Tart Cherry & Cashew topping.

These healthy snacks combine the two extremes: on one side you get to taste the sweet sourness of Tart Cherry and on the other, a crisp crackling cashew topping. These snacks are made of a hazelnut biscuit base that is completely vegan. Therefore, this means that no gluten, wheat, eggs, or any other dairy products have been used in the making of this healthy biscuit base. This base is then dipped in Tart cherry and cashew topping to achieve the tartness of this bar; with slightly sour notes, and nutty creamy hints from the cashews. With that said, we are confident that your taste buds will be more than happy.

Nutritious Superfood Bars

But wait, there is so much more to this. These nutritious Superfood Bars Tart Cherry & Cashew are filled with healthy proteins and offer you 4 grams of protein per 40 grams of serving and that too with zero cholesterol to make sure your cholesterol levels are always under control. We have not used any sugar, preservatives, artificial flavors, food coloring, or any other synthetic additives in this product, like all our products, to let our natural ingredients shine bright in all their glory. The Almonds, cashews, dates, and coconuts ensure that all your nutrients are provided for the healthy growth of bones, muscles, and tissues, and improved brain and heart health.

So, finish that snack and head over to our online store. Superfood bars are now available in two different sizes to choose from, along with the option of choosing a dispenser of 10 packs to make sure that you’re always in stock.

Vegan values appropriated:

First of all, we know the mention of a biscuit is worrisome for you, but mind it, this is Freakin’ Healthy, and we know exactly what you need. All our bakery is free of gluten; eggs; wheat; or any other dairy preservatives; to make sure that you always eat vegan, without a compromise on your diet or cravings.

Health is important:

Then, we know exactly why we stand out from the rest of the lot and we do not plan on losing this position anytime soon. Our healthy packaged snacks make sure that all your nutrients are up to the mark; to ensure healthy growth of organs, improved immune system, and body function.

Sugar-Free’ kin:

Moreover, We want our ingredients to shine and give that healthy aspect to our products that no one can achieve. Our products are added refined sugar-free; this means that there is literally zero grams of sugar in our products. We use natural sweeteners to achieve that sweet devouring flavor which otherwise would be impossible to attain. With that said, you can eat as much as you want.

Embracing the naturality:

As we have said time and again, we like to keep things natural. For that purpose, we have banished preservatives; artificial flavors; food coloring; and any other synthetic additives for that matter from the realm of our sweet deliciousness.

Serving in Dubai, NOW!

Now that we have made a point and convinced you as to why should you keep adoring us; it is time for you to order loads of these superfood snack bars to serve at your Thanksgiving dinner. Order now, anywhere in Dubai and we will have it delivered at your doorstep.

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