Superfood Bars Tart Cherry & Cashew 40g x 1 bar

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What is Thanksgiving, if not with traditions to be carried out? With Thanksgiving around the corner, we heard some of you were reluctant to have the traditional Thanksgiving tarts because of course, no compromise on health. Well, this is where Freakin’ Healthy comes in with their Gluten-free snacks that are undoubtedly the ­­Healthiest snack bars in the market. Presenting our Superfood Bars Tart Cherry & Cashew topping.

These healthy snacks combine the two extremes: on one side you get to taste the sweet sourness of Tart Cherry and on the other, a crisp crackling cashew topping. These snacks are made of a hazelnut biscuit base that is completely vegan. Therefore, this means that no gluten, wheat, eggs, or any other dairy products have been used in the making of this healthy biscuit base. This base is then dipped in Tart cherry and cashew topping to achieve the tar

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Customers Reviews

Superb as always, I always order from freakinhealthy, recommended- Bastien Gerber