Superfood Bars Raw Cacao & Chia Seeds 13.3g x 36 bites

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Presenting our superfood line of snack bars – superfood bars cacao chia seeds. Who doesn’t love the popping sound of crushing seeds and the sweet, full of aroma, the taste of raw cocoa? Guess what, the nutritious snacks in our superfood bars line now presents healthy snack bars filled with loads of chia seeds and raw Cocoa, so we can kill all your cravings and make you crave more and more.

These delicious treats consist of an Almond biscuit base which is completely vegan and does not contain any gluten, wheat, or dairy additives. This biscuit base is held together by Cocoa Butter, Vanilla Bean Powder, and Coconut oil. This makes sure that your vegan values are given the utmost importance. This base is then dipped in a liquid mixture of chia seeds and raw cocoa, to give it an umbrella of sweet crunchiness. All our products qualify for being called nutritious snacks. The superfood

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Customers Reviews

Highly satisfied with the quality, Very good for small children- Hana Salem