Superfood Bars Matcha Green Tea & Lemon 40g x 1 bar

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Attention health-conscious freaks, we heard that green tea is your must-have diet requirement, but you actually hate to drink hot tea 24/7. You must be wondering how the best-kept secret of the history leaked out to us. Well, we’ll give you a hint: no one leaked it. The answer to this mystery is that we at Freakin’ Healthy know everything about you because we are determined to bring the best to you and that is only possible if we know all your secrets. So, we bring you Green tea hidden in something you love to eat; Healthy snack bars! Presenting our Superfood Bars Matcha – now available in Green Tea and Lemon toppings.

These healthy packaged snacks consist of a Hazelnut biscuit base. These biscuit bases are completely vegan and are made with Cashews, Hazelnuts, Dates, Cocoa Butter and Coconut oil so that your vegan values are safeguarded. Furthermore, this goes without saying, our pr

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Customers Reviews

Awesome, worth buying, the best flavor in the range.- Hana Salem