Superfood Bars Goji Berry & Almond 40g x 1 bar

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Welcome to the renaissance! Only this time we are giving a rebirth to the concept of healthy snack foods. We heard that your cravings for a sweetly sour flavor of Goji berry was going over the moon in this pandemic, and we couldn’t help but come up with something that can fulfill all your craving needs. Presenting our Superfood Bars Goji berry and Almond topping. These healthy packaged snacks consist of an Almond biscuit base. Don’t worry! these are gluten-free snacks without any wheat, eggs, or dairy additives to keep your vegan values safeguarded. Dates, coconut, and sunflower seeds add to the flavor of this biscuit base which is then dipped in a topping of goji berries and Almonds.

Mouth-Watering Snack:

You seem to think that we are done, but we are not. All this mouth-watering snack is then given sweet-tart highlights to develop a long-lasting aftertaste that only m

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Customers Reviews

My first time ordering super food bars gojiberry almond is very tasty and soft bar- Maha Safa