Superfood Bars Goji Berry & Almond 40g x 1 bar

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Welcome to the renaissance! Only this time we are giving a rebirth to the concept of healthy snack foods. We heard that your cravings for a sweetly sour flavor of Goji berry was going over the moon in this pandemic, and we couldn’t help but come up with something that can fulfill all your craving needs. Presenting our Superfood Bars Goji berry and Almond topping. These healthy packaged snacks consist of an Almond biscuit base. Don’t worry! these are gluten-free snacks without any wheat, eggs, or dairy additives to keep your vegan values safeguarded. Dates, coconut, and sunflower seeds add to the flavor of this biscuit base which is then dipped in a topping of goji berries and Almonds.

Mouth-Watering Snack:

You seem to think that we are done, but we are not. All this mouth-watering snack is then given sweet-tart highlights to develop a long-lasting aftertaste that only makes you crave more of our healthy snacks. Our superfood snack bars offer 9 grams of protein per 40 grams of serving and that absolutely without any Cholesterol and by that we mean 0 grams.

Let us relieve you of the pain of asking, no, there is no sugar in our products. All our products are sweetened with natural sweeteners. All the nuts including Almonds, Hazelnuts, and Dates make sure that you are always filled with important nutrients for the healthy growth of bones, muscles, and tissues along with increased brain and heart health. With that said, we can indeed flex one more time that these are the healthiest snacks to buy – Superfood Bars Goji berry.

Superfood snack bars are one of our healthiest snacks available online. Now having different sizes to choose from, you can also order a whole dispenser of 10 snacks from our online store. So, order now and get your snacks delivered anywhere, anytime

It suffices your vegan taste buds:

We know you get super worried when you hear the mention of a biscuit base. But worry not, because Freakin’ Healthy has already taken care of things you might be conscious about. All our bakery is absolutely vegan; this means 0 grams of Gluten used, no wheat, eggs, or any other dairy additives for that matter. We have used cocoa butter, and coconut oil in the making of these snacks. As we say, these are the healthiest snacks in the market.

Health concerns appropriated:

Our competitive advantage is the importance we give to your health concerns. We always make sure that our snacks remain loaded with tons of proteins. So that your body requirement of essential nutrients is always fulfilled. All the nuts and the Pea protein make sure you have a healthy growth of important muscles, bones and tissues, improved mood, better emotional, and physical health.

Natural sweeteners:

We let nature do the work for us. For that purpose, we have banished sugar from the realm of Freakin’ healthy. You won’t find any sugar in any of our products. Our products are sweetened by natural sweeteners so that you don’t need to worry about anything and eat all you want.

Stay natural:

We have a thing to give our ingredients the due credit they deserve and let them shine while they have time until they are digested by your stomach. All our products are free of any preservatives, artificial flavors or food coloring.

Order away!

With all that flexes we just showed off; you are now absolutely free to order this snack before we are out of it. Visit our webpage Freakin’ Healthy and order yourselves the best snacks in the market, anywhere, anytime in Dubai.

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