Real Food Bar Apple Pie 40g x 1 bar

AED 9.00

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What brought you here foodie? Was it the love of the delicious apple pie your mother used to bake or a super healthy food bar you couldn’t resist? Well, in either case, we have got exactly what you need! Presenting you a brand new addition to the Real Food Bar: The Superfood Bar Apple Pie Flavor. This unique bar is made with the tastiest of apples combined with dates, almonds, raisins, and hazelnuts finished with a touch of cinnamon. All these flavors give it the perfect sweetness along with a great aroma that will definitely leave your taste buds in complete awe! Wait, you smell something unhealthy cooking here? Rest assured if you are ordering snacks from Freakin’ Healthy because all of our snacks are made with real ingredients. There is no GMO, artificial color, or preservative added to it either.

Still not convinced to buy this super healthy snack bar? Wait until you hear its nutritional benefits. It co

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Customers Reviews

Awesome taste... I really felt the apple flavor- Sara Shamisi