Real Food Bar Apple Pie 40g x 1 bar

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What brought you here foodie? Was it the love of the delicious apple pie your mother used to bake or a super healthy food bar you couldn’t resist? Well, in either case, we have got exactly what you need! Presenting you a brand new addition to the Real Food Bar: The Superfood Bar Apple Pie Flavor. This unique bar is made with the tastiest of apples combined with dates, almonds, raisins, and hazelnuts finished with a touch of cinnamon. All these flavors give it the perfect sweetness along with a great aroma that will definitely leave your taste buds in complete awe! Wait, you smell something unhealthy cooking here? Rest assured if you are ordering snacks from Freakin’ Healthy because all of our snacks are made with real ingredients. There is no GMO, artificial color, or preservative added to it either.

Still not convinced to buy this super healthy snack bar? Wait until you hear its nutritional benefits. It contains 5 grams of protein in a single bar of 40 grams.

A Delicious Real Food Bar Snack:

Can you imagine, all this protein in a single bar with no cholesterol or trans fats whatsoever! Wait, there is even more to this delicious snack. It is made with 0 grams of refined sugar and is also free from gluten or dairy products so there is nothing stopping you to develop some lean muscles by eating an Apple Pie. We know that all the vegans could not resist clicking the “Add to Cart” button considering its health benefits.

It’s the perfect superfood if you are looking for something delicious to eat at work for an energy rush with a better mood after a draining time at the office. Make sure that your Boss doesn’t notice you sneaking these snacks but if he does, offer him some too because, with an apple pie like this, you might even get a raise.

You can order a single piece but it is highly recommended that you order a pack of ten because once you start eating this mouth-watering treat, there is no escape!

New in town:

All the love that we received from our customers enforces us to deliver you better. All the chefs at Freakin’ Healthy acknowledge this fact and work with a great range of products to craft delicious snacks. This new snack is another reminder of the health promises that we stand for!

Attention all Vegans:

That hazelnut biscuit base might come across as something risky but rest assured vegans. Our Apple Pie contains no dairy products at all. The addition of unique and powerful ingredients is the only thing that makes our snacks stand out.

What, no sugar in a pie?

Yes, you heard that absolutely right. Ingredients like sweet apples, raisins, dates, and cinnamon provide it the sweetness you crave for in a pie. How we were able to make this healthy vegan sweet snack absolutely flavorsome? You will have to buy it to crack this mystery yourself.

Prioritizes your health:

Just like all of our health bars, this Real Food Bar is free from additives, preservatives, gluten, or GMOs. Not even our pies contain such nasty elements that might affect your health negatively. It’s a complete guilt-free snack experience when you order from Freakin’ Healthy Dubai.

Never lose an opportunity to snack:

As the saying goes, “A Freakin’ Healthy’s Real Food Bar Apple Pie a day keeps the doctor away!” There is nothing stopping you from buying this product when our sourcing service offers you healthy snacks to eat at home. The healthy snack online at our website offers a delivery service throughout the UAE so grab your Apple Pie now!

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