Raw Chocolate Bar 40g x 10 bars – Dispenser

AED 90.00

A box of 10 raw vegan chocolate bars made from 70% cacao. The cacao bean is chocolate in its natural state; pure, raw and unprocessed. it is a powerful superfood that powers up your brain, slows down aging, improves muscle function and blood flow, and gives you energy. These Vegan and Paleo chocolate bars are made from 100% natural ingredients, with no added sugar, no dairy, no wheat, no eggs and no gluten. They are non GMO with no preservatives, artificial colours or flavors

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Presenting our Raw Chocolate bar for all the cocoa lovers. This Raw Chocolate bar is made completely out of cocoa so that you get to taste the original deliciousness of nature’s most wanted treat. These nutritious snack bars contain 70% cocoa to make sure that you get only what you pay for. We promise you we have the healthiest snacks available in the market.

These Gluten-free snacks have no added refined sugar so that you’re protected from the harms of sugar while still enjoying the sweet sourness of pure cocoa. The healthy snacks on the go are a must-have for old school chocolate classics. We have let pure, raw, and unprocessed cocoa shine their way to make a devouring chocolate bar.

The chocolate bars offer 3 grams of protein per 40 grams of serving. This comes with minimum grams of cholesterol. The cocoa is a must-have which promotes healthy growth of bones and muscles

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