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Freakin’ Health introduces to you yet another tasty, crunchy, and healthy snack to fulfil your body’s nutritional requirements. Power Hearty Nuts is a unique combination of almonds, pecan nuts, peanuts, and brazil nuts that are roasted till perfection! This mixture of nuts is very rich in proteins, making it both an ideal snack, and a crunchy topping for your meals; that adds an extra touch of nutrients to your breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Are you a vegan looking for a protein packed snack? Or a health conscious mother who just wants the best for her family? Then look no further because you have stumbled upon the healthiest of snacks!

Each nut used to make this snack is enriched with unique health benefits. Almonds are loaded with antioxidants which slow down your aging process and lower the chances of dangerous diseases like cancer. The pecan nuts and peanuts contain lots of vitamins that help protect our cells from getting damaged making our immune system better. Brazil nuts are rich in fiber which helps our stomach to feel satiety, stopping the urge of going for junk food. They are also rich in selenium which is a vital nutrient for a healthy immune system.

What makes this snack heart healthy is the ample amount of proteins and vitamins that it contains. This protein-enriched snack is low in carbs, making it a great choice for people with diabetes. It provides you with a good amount of healthy fats too that will instantly boost your energy levels, helping you conquer all the intense tasks that you come across your daily life.

Power-packed and nutritious:

Power Hearty Nuts is a one-of-a-kind snack with very nutritious ingredients guaranteed to brighten your snack time. It is often because of our busy schedule, we tend to forget about eating nutritious meals that really matter for our healthy wellbeing. This product provides a great nutritional value to your body when you eat it on the go.

Free from harmful ingredients:

This snack comes with the same promise of no preservatives or gluten added to it because we believe in developing guilt-free snacks only. These qualities of our snacks make it feasible for people of all age groups. Power Hearty Nuts will have a great effect on your health. It helps in the growth of muscles and keeps you away from diseases by developing a healthy immune system.

Made with top quality and real ingredients:

The ingredients used to make Power Hearty Nuts are 100% real and clean. All of our snacks are prepared in a hygienic environment to ensure long-lasting freshness. This snack contains the best of nuts filled with lots of nutrients with great health benefits. Are you looking for a quick snack on the go then give these beautifully roasted nuts a try for a boost of energy in your daily busy life that will surely satisfy your taste buds.

High in protein with 100% Vegan recipe:

We do not add any animal-based ingredients in our recipes so you can rely on us for a completely vegan snack. This snack contains many good-fats that will provide you a long-lasting boost of energy while reducing your cholesterol level. All these benefits ensure the good health of your heart. Eating boring snacks because you are a vegan is absolutely not an option now!

The convenience of buying snacks anytime, anywhere:

Freakin’ Healthy does not only makes the best of snacks but also works diligently to provide you with the best customer services as well. You can buy our healthy snacks anytime, anywhere just with a few clicks on our online Freakin’ Healthy store. Yes, we deliver all across UAE!


  • Naturally gluten-free, Vegan, Preservatives Free
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