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Freakin’ Healthy is dedicated to making your snaking life healthy and pleasurable. Pepper spiced nuts 60g provide a powerful and yummy solution to your savory cravings at any time of the day! Our pepper spiced nuts pack a high punch of protein and essential amino acids to ensure that you can recharge in a matter of minutes. These nuts are high in protein and low in carbohydrates making it perfect for your daily nutritional needs. It is made with a healthy combination of pepper coated cashews, almonds, and peanuts roasted till perfection. Already thinking how tasty this snack is? Well, you have to buy it from our healthy snack shop to find out!

The nut mix is enriched in fiber which helps our immune system to work better while improving our digestion system. It contains Omega-3 that is highly beneficial for your cardiovascular health. The nuts are rich in minerals, and vitamins which are essential for our heart’s health. Pepper Spiced Nuts also contain healthy fatty acids making it an ideal snack for people with diabetes or high cholesterol level. All of these healthy diet benefits are kept intact because there is no addition of any preservatives or gluten to this snack. All of these nutrients are bound to give you a great boost of energy.

Healthy Snacking; Anytime, Anywhere!

Pepper spiced nuts 60g are a healthy snack for eating at the office, school, or gym to satisfy your craving for something spicy. The greatest minds are always keen on using nutrition and diet to keep their levels of focus and productivity high. Keeping this in mind, we at Freakin’ Healthy have carefully curated the best nuts and spices to deliver you a tasty snack in your quick coffee breaks. The nutritional benefits that these healthy nutrition snack offers are numerous. Considering the perfect balance of taste and health that Pepper Spiced Nuts have to offer, what’s not to love in this amazing snack!

Naturally Gluten-Free

Gluten intolerance and gluten allergies are taken very seriously at Freakin’ Healthy and we are determined to provide the best foods to meet your needs. The high amounts of proteins build muscle and allow your body to go and stay in the ketosis state!


Our Pepper Spiced Nuts are all-natural and organic. We ensure that throughout our manufacturing no chemical comes in contact with the snack. We work hard to ensure that only the healthiest of snacks reach you. Who needs additives when you have a great team of chefs like the ones at Freakin’ Healthy?

100% Vegan

Not only do our nuts provide an amazing amount of healthy fats but also do it in a vegan-friendly style! Protein needs for most vegans are difficult to keep up because of limited eating options. Well, you don’t need to worry anymore because Freakin’ Healthy is here to provide you with high protein nuts recipes leading to a more convenient vegetarian lifestyle.

Look at healthy snacking differently:

The reason why Freakin’ Healthy works so hard in introducing healthy snacks is to make sure that you are getting all the nutrition with the best possible taste. When eating from our wide range of products, your perception of healthy snacking will definitely change for the better. Keep shopping healthy while buying from Freakin’ Healthy!

Order conveniently:

Do you know what’s easier than eating these healthy snacks? Getting Pepper Spiced Nuts from our online healthy snack shop. Yes, that’s right! You don’t even have to go anywhere and these delicious healthy snacks can be delivered at your home with just a few clicks on our website!


  • Naturally gluten-free, Vegan, Preservatives Free