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Just in, the rumor is that the craving for the crackling sounds of a cracker is driving people crazy in this not-so-fun pandemic. But wait, aren’t all your “on-the-go” crackers and crunch bars loaded with harmful preservatives. These, destroy your will to carry on with your “Eat Healthy” new year’s resolution? Are you a gym enthusiast who always wants to keep a healthy snack or generally a busy person, just not having enough time to cook healthy breakfast, and ends up skipping the most important meal of the day? Worry no more, because Freakin’ healthy has the solution to all your problems right back in the store.

We bet that your love for seeds will finally find a worthy match in our Crunchy Zaatar Crackers; because it is not just a cracker; it is a delicious composition of Crunchy Pumpkin seeds, crisp sunflower, and Flax seeds, engulfed in thyme aurora, and all this held together by the sweet tapioca syrup which crystallizes to make this masterpiece. These ingredients are not only rich in taste but are a great source of adding all the essential nutrients to your diet. Once you have eaten these tasty, and crunchy crackers, there is no going back to your old junk food habits!

Keeping in mind your health concerns, Freakin’ Healthy has prepared this snacking essential without any preservatives. The ingredients used are a further rich source of protein and linolenic acid which helps in reducing cholesterol levels. Crunchy Zaatar Crackers uses nature’s knights against throat and lung problems. Thyme which is a rich source of Vitamins C and A ensures that along with providing an effective energy source to your energy cravings, Freakin’ Healthy is there to help you raise your health standards as well!

Crunchy Zaatar Crackers – All natural and vegan friendly

This product is 100% natural and does not contain any synthetic ingredients. We are mindful of our environmental sustenance goals and our vegan customers. No gluten; preservative; or GMO has been used in making this product.  Because of the potentially harmful effects, these chemicals could have on your body. These standards for our snack ensure that you always get the best of us!

Great source of protein, Vitamins A & C, linolenic acid:

Our team at Freakin’ Healthy will never let your health concerns slip away. We will continue to produce healthy products for you. Therefore, all the ingredients used in making Crunchy Zaatar Crackers are rich sources of protein, Vitamins A & C, linolenic acid. These nutrients are proven to reduce cholesterol levels; ensure smooth working of lungs; encourage blood circulation of your body.

Allergy-Free, safe, and healthy:

Our products are completely free of any sort of nuts and you need not worry while giving our products to children that are allergic to nuts. Freakin’ Healthy ensures that your little ones are catered too; while preparing our delicious recipes. Moreover, there are no preservatives to keep this product completely natural and organic, especially for the children and the elderly.

Change the way you look at Snacks:             

Freakin’ Healthy has been successful in bringing a complete snacking revolution throughout the UAE. We believe that healthy snacks can be even tastier than the junk food that you grab while rushing towards your workplace. This idea reflects in our snacks like Crunchy Zaatar Crackers which are tasty and are made to be eaten on the go!

Buy great Snacks Online anytime:

Through the powerful sourcing and effective logistics at Freakin’ Healthy, we deliver all across the UAE. With this powerful home delivery service, snacking on junk food is not an option! So hurry up, and grab your order of healthy snacks now from our online store.


  • All Natural, Vegan, Naturally Gluten-Free, Nut-Free, No added refined sugar, Oil-free, Additive-free.
  • School Safe