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Choco Figs Squares are the perfect combination of delicious chocolate with sweet fig paste that comes with a great energy boost. Additional healthy ingredients like apricot, chia seeds, and coconut oil enhance our product’s taste and nutritional benefits. It is specifically designed to be “School Safe” so that your children can easily carry this snack along with them to their school.

However, this snack is an ideal time saver if you have a busy morning routine that hinders you from cooking healthy meals for yourself, and your kids. This snack is rich in carbs, vitamins, and fiber that gives you an instant boost of energy on the go, and helps you work productively and for longer periods of time. You can specifically use it as a replacement for your breakfast or devour its sweetness after any meal to add nutritional value to your diet.

The main ingredient of this snack is a fig that has lots of health benefits. It contains a good amount of calcium, vitamins, and fiber. As Choco Figs Squares are 100% vegan, they are a great option of getting calcium without consuming dairy products for vegetarians. A healthy amount of fiber and vitamins help you in developing a better digestion system along with an enhanced immune system that helps you fight diseases.

Tasty & Nutritious

Firstly, this snack is perfect for anyone who is looking for a sweet, tasty, nutritious, and time-saving snack. It will help you to get all the extra nutrition during your snack time with a mouth-watering taste that will make you crave for more of these delicious squares. This product is specifically designed for the children, keeping in mind their health and tasty-snacking needs. It provides all the essential nutrients that help in their growth and good bone health. The raw chocolate added to it gives it a unique taste that children will love eating it anytime.

Heathy and top-quality ingredients:

Secondly, we at Freakin’ Healthy take special care of the ingredients used for manufacturing our snacks. Choco Figs Squares are no exception to this rule. All of its constituents are completely natural and very yummy. So snack care-free as you buy it from our online shop anytime, anywhere in Dubai.

Taste that you will never forget:

Thirdly, imagine the fresh raw chocolate; added to the sweetest of figs that are prepared with coconut oil; apricots; chia seeds being combined in a single healthy snack. Yes, that’s what the chefs at our company have accomplished. We make sure that whenever you eat our snacks, your taste buds are left in complete awe.

An exciting snack for your kids:

Moreover, this snack is school-friendly and offers the perfect replacement of lunch boxes for your children. With a unique and wonderful taste, these squares are bound to brighten your kid’s snack time. Get your child this snack so that he knows that healthy snacks are not boring at all!

No artificial or harmful ingredients:

Most Importantly, Freakin’ Healthy guarantees you that no gluten, refined sugar, or additives are added to this snack. We promise that only the healthiest of snacks are delivered to you no matter what. Who needs these artificial ingredients when you have wonderful chefs that prepare the tastiest of recipes at Freakin’ Healthy?

Quick healthy snack on the go:

In Conclusion, Choco Figs Squares are rich in Omega-3, calcium, and fiber making it a great breakfast option. You don’t have to worry about preparing breakfasts early morning anymore, or getting junk food on the go. Because healthy food is not an option. Freakin’ Healthy has got you completely covered! Just sit at your home, open our website, and enjoy all these healthy snacks. Our Snacks are delivered to your doorstep for a wonderful snacking experience.


  • All Natural, Vegan, Naturally Gluten-Free, No added refined sugar, Additive-free, School Safe.
  • Source of Omega 3
  • Source of Fiber
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