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Thanks to our talented and creative chefs at Freakin’ Healthy, Choco Covered Coffee beans are not limited to drinking yummy lattes only. Now you can taste the wholesomeness of the coffee beans with an enhanced taste of chocolate covering them. The beans are roasted to perfection to release their aroma and then they are covered in 70 % raw chocolate to give them a unique taste. These coffee beans will refresh you mentally with a great boost of energy, giving you the power to go through anything during your hectic routine. Our product also provides good nutritional value as it contains no preservative, refined sugar or GMO, just pure goodness of coffee beans in a 100% vegan recipe.

Choco covered Coffee beans are not just tasty but also come along with lots of health benefits. Our product is rich in caffeine which is proven to enhance your energy level, alertness, mood, memory, and performance. It reduces the risk of heart diseases and diabetes helping to live longer and healthier. Coffee beans are rich in antioxidants as well which helps in reducing risks of diabetes while improving your facial beauty!

It is a healthy, and tasty source of consuming caffeine so forget preparing that daily cup of coffee early morning and order this wholesome snack from Freakin’ Healthy UAE online shop. This snack is an absolute time saver when you need some coffee-power on the go. You can use it as a substitute for a plain cup of coffee. Our Choco covered coffee beans have an absolutely wonderful taste that perks up your mornings. Moreover, you can get the goodness of coffee while traveling without the fear of spilling it all over you!

Vegan friendly:

Most of the snacks available for vegans are usually considered boring but chefs at Freakin’ Healthy have solved this problem by bringing you only tasty and nutritious snacks. We have a strict satisfy-your-taste-buds policy! This Vegan-friendly snack can help in lowering your sugar level, improving kidney functionality, and removing excess fat from your body.

Free of unhealthy ingredients:

We don’t add refined sugar to our products. We aim to provide our customers with the most authentic and natural taste of both the chocolate and coffee beans. An unhealthy amount of sugar can cause many heart diseases and diabetes. Hence, we always keep the health of our consumers in our minds when we manufacture our healthy snacks. You can consume our snacks guilt-free!


Freakin’ healthy does not use any kind of preservatives in the product to enhance the life of the product because that can cause adverse effects on your well-being. Moreover, preservatives destroy the freshness and aroma of the coffee beans. So, when choosing a snack from Freakin’ Healthy, you are not only helping yourself by reducing the number of preservatives you consume. But you’re also helping the food industry by promoting a safer, more natural way of producing food.

Top Quality Ingredients:

There is a coating of high-quality 70 % raw chocolate on the coffee beans. It enhances the flavor of coffee beans and adds extra nutritional value to your snack. Good quality chocolate also helps us to reduce the risk of heart diseases in our body by improving our cardiovascular health.

Completely Natural:

The product is gluten-free which means that it does not contain any artificial flavoring ingredient that could potentially harm you. This ensures that the health benefits of coffee beans and raw chocolate are completely intact. Just enjoy our snack anytime you want! Choco covered coffee beans especially helpful in reducing the frequency of headaches at your office with improved bone health. These benefits ensure that you are more productive and active throughout the day!


  • * Naturally gluten-free, Vegan, Preservatives Free