This delicious superfood bar is vegan, gluten free, low calorie and suitable for Paleo diet. All ingredients are wholesome and healthy, with no added sugar or preservatives. You will love this tart cherry and cashew bar. With the tartness of this bars, and slightly sour notes and a nutty creamy hints from the cashews, you can’t stop at one bar. It is good for the skin, immunity and recovery.

Tart Cherries are full of strong antioxidants that help in pain relief, especially inflammation, muscle damage and soreness following an exercise. It is also a natural source of Melatonin, the hormone that regulates our sleep-wake cycle


Nutritional Value

Calories: 180
Protein:  8g
Weight:  40g 


Cashews, Pea Protein, Tart Cherry, Hazelnuts, Dates, Cocoa Butter, Himalayan Pink Salt, Vanilla Bean Powder. *Allergens in Bold.