The health movement has reached the Middle East, but it comes with an elitist
badge that alienates the majority.

Freakin’ Healthy is targeting the many who have the intention to choose healthier options, yet are intimidated by the choices because they don’t understand them

There is a need for a brand that doesn’t get categorized as “hipster food”, and invites even the hardest of cynics because it talks their language.

100 percent dark chocolate


As we enter a new era with a new trend of eating habits, we realize that snacking is on the rise. We are now turning to snacks to serve as meal replacements, and we often choose multiple smaller snacks to satisfy our hunger. Moreover, we are also seeking more personalized food formats like snacks that fit into a healthy and convenient lifestyle. Whether it is for portion control or convenience, we are looking to indulge in bite sizes.

The single, most-powerful trend is our desire for foods and ingredients that are “naturally functional”

Gone are the days when our snacks only needed to be yummy and get us from one meal to the next.

We, today’s snackers, are looking for snacks with BENEFITS.

healthy cohcolate for kids


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