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Healthy Snacks vs Meals: How to eat well when life gets busy

healthy fruits diet

The Hottest debate of the year! Hot or not? Hello the Middle East, it was a fun ride with you as we introduced all our special product lines of healthy snacks for you. With this we have landed on the most debated topic of the year: what are the pros and cons of Healthy snacks […]

Refined Sugar Free Snacks

dry roasted peanuts

Sugar is harmful to health, hence it’s sugar-free’kin at Freakin’ Healthy: Why no sugar: Refined Free Snacks are good and as you see all the snacks we love comes with sugar, and we all know how harmful sugar can be. It increases the risk of obesity, heart diseases, and diabetes, and you definitely need to […]

Every Day Healthy Snacks

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What exactly are healthy snacks, and how it can impact your health? It is a new way of looking at snacks: How many times do you munch on all those high-calorie snacks with almost no nutritional value added to them? Healthy Snacks are the complete opposite of junk food in terms of nutrition value; and […]