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Among the great variety of unique snacks delivered by Freakin’ Healthy, Crunchy Olive Crackers is another great snack to make your snack time livelier! This product is a great combination of different seeds, and gluten-free oats combined with fresh green olive powder in the form of crackers; that will surely be a delight for your taste-buds. Crunchy Olive Crackers are prepared with tapioca syrup that adds a lot to their taste and nutrition. This product is not just another addition to the 100% vegan snack range, this snack offers you a one-of-a-kind, unique taste if you are a true veggie lover!

This snack is enriched with the health benefits of Olives, Oats, and seeds. The green olives have lots of good fats that contain oleic acid; which improves your cardiovascular health, and reduces inflammations as well. Oats are a great source of carbs and fiber that help you feel full for longer and gives you a good boost of energy. These features of our crunchy olive crackers enable you to go through your hectic schedule. The addition of pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, and flax seeds improve your bowel movement and promote a healthy digestive system. On top of this, Himalayan Salt garnishes it with lots of minerals that are great for your physical health.

You don’t need to buy any unhealthy junk food on the go now because these Crunchy Olive Crackers are a great, healthy, and ideal substitute for anyone who requires something entirely filling in a hurry. If you don’t get enough time to prepare your lunch, or are looking for something nutritious to grab in a hurry; then these crackers are the perfect snack for you. All of these benefits are just one click away. Order these delights straight to your home online from Freakin’ Healthy’s website!

Unique taste and healthy ingredients:

Crunchy Olive Crackers are made with a unique combination of healthy ingredients. Only Freakin’ Healthy can come up with the genius idea of converting green olives into tasty and healthy crackers. These crackers are so delicious that just you wouldn’t be able to stop after eating just one slice of it. These special qualities separate our healthy snacks from others that you may find elsewhere.

A vegan-friendly choice:

This snack is 100% Vegan friendly and contains no added dairy products. We believe in eliminating animal cruelty and providing you with great snacks. If you are a vegetarian that has limited snacking options to eat from, our crackers are a perfect option for you. Our part of helping the environment is now done, you can support us by simply buying our products online!

Free from harmful constituents:

This snack is entirely free of GMOs, preservatives, or gluten. Our company prepares all of its snacks in a very hygienic manner using clean, and only top-quality ingredients. Hence, there is no need for any additional preservatives to increase its shelf life.

A perfect snack on the go:

It can be really difficult to manage a healthy diet if you have a busy office life. To solve this problem, we have created a range of grab-on-the-go, affordable snacks that simply eliminate any excuses for getting junk food when you are in a hurry.

Revolutionize the way you look at snacks:

The creative chefs at Freakin’ Healthy are not afraid to think out of the box while making these snacks for the masses. Crunchy Olive Crackers are a prime example of how we are revolutionizing the way people look at snacks. Moreover, having junk food during your lunch breaks is not an option now because you can get these nutritious snacks delivered to your doorsteps from our website.


  • All Natural, Vegan, Naturally Gluten-Free, Nut-Free, No added refined sugar, Oil-free, Additive-free.
  • School Safe
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