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Freakin’ Healthy brings you the classic taste of granola with a unique touch of tasty figs and fragrant cinnamon. These ingredients are enough to satisfy your taste buds! Forget eating the same old boring and tasteless combination of oats with milk in the morning, and replace it with this devouring snack that has been made tasty by our talented chefs. Our Classic Granola Bar is specifically designed to be “School Safe” which means that it is the ideal snack for your kids to carry along with them at the school. All the nutritious ingredients used to make this snack will provide a very healthy snack for your child during his/her lunch break at school.

We believe in providing you with only 100% pure and safe ingredients so there are is no gluten, preservatives, GMO, or refined sugar added to the product. Our all-natural Classic Granola Bar is rich in both protein, and fiber. So that your hunger is satisfied for a longer period of time after its consumption. Figs are rich in nutrients that help particularly in developing a better digestive system and cardiovascular health. Cinnamon contains lots of anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatories that help you fight infections. It also repairs tissue damage while giving you a natural glow on your skin. All of these delicious ingredients are prepared in coconut oil. So that our snack provides you with a surge of energy when you need it the most!

A delicious and healthy breakfast

We know that it is difficult to prepare a delicious and healthy breakfast for your kids in the morning so; we present you with a solution in the delicious form of Classic Granola Bars. Forget spending hours in your kitchen to prepare something delicious and nutritious for your kids; because you can order our school safe snacks from the convenience of your home. Just order online and our power sourcing services will take care of the rest!

Healthy Ingredients made delicious by our unique recipes:

Classic granola bars are solely made with real ingredients that are entirely vegan. If you are a vegan concerned for getting a delicious protein-filled snack for yourself, we have got your back. Its constituents make it a protein, and carb-rich snack that is highly energizing for you!

100% nut-free for your kids:

This snack contains no nuts to ensure that even if you or your kid has food allergies, you can still enjoy our unique, delicious, and healthy snacks anytime. Freakin’ Healthy is always concerned about all the aspects related to our customer’s health. Keeping that in mind, you do not have to hesitate while buying our snacks because we deliver what we promise!

 School Safe:

Classic Granola Bars are creatively designed so that it offers you a healthy replacement of lunch boxes for your kids. Our product is completely safe to be carried to the school by your little ones. So, if you want to save time and give your kids healthier options at school then buy this snack from our Freakin’ Healthy’s website online.

Promotes an active lifestyle:

Our snack is free from all harmful, and artificial elements like gluten, GMOs, and refined sugar. While ordering snacks from Freakin’ Healthy, our promise of providing you with 100% real and healthy snacks is always the same because our customers deserve nothing but the best!

Taste the snacking revolution:

These granola bars are a great example of how we are revolutionizing how consumers look at snacks. Usually, the term snacks are associated with eating unhealthy in large portions that are high in calories and bad for your physical, and mental wellbeing. All our snacks are filling, wholesome, and come in bite-sized portions. So that you can realize that unhealthy-snacking is no longer your sole option.


  • All Natural, Vegan, Naturally Gluten-Free, No added refined sugar, Nut-free, Additive-free, School safe.
  • Source of Fibre